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Ways To Be Happy In Life

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Everyone is so busy running after the materialistic things, that one has forgotten how it feels to be happy. You ask anyone about their aim or ambition in life, not even a single person will say “I want to be happy.” There is nothing wrong in having goals that include materialistic aspect, but what is the point of fulfilling your goals when in the end you are not even happy or satisfied. There are a lot of examples in the contemporary world where even the richest person or the most successful human is not happy. A survey shows that most of the people who even after achieving more than what they wanted are not happy with their life. In fact, after achieving everything they regret their decision of running after materialistic goals and not happiness.

In order to understand that there are various ways in which one can be happy, it is crucial that one first understand the most important thing. Materialistic goals include owning a huge house or a lavish car, going on a world tour or becoming something in your life. People always mix up this with happiness thinking that accomplishing goals means you will be happy and satisfied for the rest of your life. But the catch here is that in no world is happiness related or dependent on the materialistic goals. The two things are completely independent of each other. It doesn’t matter if you are successful or not or if you have achieved your goals or not, you still can be happy. If you have achieved whatever you wanted it’s good. But in case you have not, it is still good. Being happy doesn’t require a reason.

How To Be Happy in Life

There are a lot of things that make people happy. You just have to find your happy pill. It could be anything or everything. You know yourself better than the others. Every time before doing something or thinking about something, keep this in mind that you are your own best critic. So, in order to be happy, you will have to decide what makes you happy.

Eating Food


Eating food makes a lot of people happy. It is actually proven through some scientific experiments also. Whenever you are feeling sad or unhappy, you will always want to eat more and more. This is due to some changes in hormones. Eating delicious and tasty food can always make you happy. Talking about food, one can’t miss chocolates. Chocolates can any day brighten your life and make you happy. Chocolates are one of the best food to rely on. There is an online website which sells chocolates at just Rs.199. Yes, you got it right. No matter what type of chocolate it is, the prices are standard. The 199 Store is all time available to ensure that you can order chocolate at any given point of time and feel happy and content.


It might sound weird, but yes sometimes the best solution to all the problems that are bothering you is talking about those problems with your loved ones. Talking actually helps you in accepting your pat, problems or issues. It makes your heart light and you will definitely feel better after it.

Retail Therapy


Well, shopping doesn’t require a reason. You can shop when you want. Now that 199 store is available, you can always put items in your cart until you start feeling happy and joyful. The prices are reasonable and the goodies are extraordinary. The best combination is available on the site and this will honestly cheer you the most. Get ready to shop and hop!

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Say NO To Overthinking

This is human tendency to think and not just think but overthink on trivial matters. Sometimes, when the mind has nothing to do, you get random thoughts and ideas that just make you feel doleful and gloomy. Instead of sitting idle and let these thoughts ruin your day, you should get up and so some productive work. Once you get engaged in some activity, you will automatically feel better and merry. 

There are so many days when you wouldn’t want to get off your bed or go to work. And it is okay if you feel so. You have got every right to feel sad and dejected on some days. The only thing to remember is that life is too short to be sad and gloomy. You will have to get up and thank your stars because even after you didn’t want to wake up, here you are. You are waking up and going to your work. You are working against your forces which proves that you are a strong person, not only physically but mentally also. There are a lot more ways than one can even imagine to be happy. You just have to find what works best for you. You have got so many things and people to rely upon. Something or the other will always work. Don’t stop trying and most importantly never lose hope. There is always going to be a rainbow but only after it rains. Keep your head held high and your chin up. You are a warrior and a survivor. You will survive only if you believe in yourself. This is your story and you are the hero of it. Make this a blockbuster! Live Life Happy!

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