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Valentine's Day Chocolates for Your Loved One

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It is often said that nothing in the world is sweeter than love, and no endeavour more fulfilling than that of passion. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's time to show your loved ones how special they are, and while every day is a good day to express your love, choose this day to show the people you live how much sweetness they've brought into your life by gifting them the best kind of sweetness - that of chocolate. The 199 Store has made it it's endeavour to make the idea of finding the perfect chocolate this Valentine's Day easier and more convenient. Here is a list of all the chocolates we've put together, especially for you.



Nothing screams “Perfect Valentine's Day Chocolate” like a rack of Toblerone. No matter how old you are, the sweet triangular pieces of chocolate with little bits of nougat are simply irresistible. Available in variations of black, white and milk chocolate, this is one brand of chocolate you simply cannot go wrong with.

2. Smarties


If your romance has brought new colour to your life, this candy is perfect for you. This packet of colour coated candy is the most exciting confectionery there is. With colours from yellow and blue to pink and purple, it is a visual treat. Gift this to a loved one and you are guaranteed a positive response as well as shades of appreciation and gratitude. Whether it's multicoloured Smarties or pink ones, we've got it both.

3. Maltesers


If your loved ones want to enjoy the magic of chocolate without worrying about all those extra calories, then Maltesers is the way to go for their presents. This chocolate consists of a chocolate coated milk sphere and hence is a less fattening way to enjoy chocolate. Make this chocolate experience a guilt-free joyride with Nestlé Malteser chocolates.

4. Kit Kat


If you're not sure of which chocolate your partner will enjoy, we've got your back. You can't possibly go wrong with this versatile beauty. With crispy light wafers interspersed with rich indulgent chocolate, this chocolate has everyone's hearts. Whether it is Kourtney Kardashian or your little sister, no one can get enough of this universally loved treat. You have the option of gifting your partner a playful and flirty milk chocolate flavour or you could take the intensity up a notch with the dark chocolate favour. Either way, this is going to be a gift anyone would love to receive.

5. Cadbury Milk Tray


If you think that your love is wild with passion and that the spirit of your partner cannot be captured in a single variety of chocolate, then this collection has been designed specifically for you. With indulgent pure chocolate varieties, fun, nutty flavours with oomphs of crunch and edgy fruit flavours, the Cadbury Milk Tray brings a wide range of dynamic varieties to celebrate the diversity and growth of your ever-changing love and passion. Pamper your loved ones with one of these trays or give it to that special someone, and your romantic life is surely going to take an exciting turn.

All these romantic treats are available exclusively at The 199 Store for you only for Rs 199 each. This Valentine's Day, we aim to fill your life with love, passion, and romance as our sweets add happiness to your life as we bring joy to those you love. Join hands, and hearts, with us, as we strive to make this the best Valentine's Day you've ever experienced.

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