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Valentine’s Day Shopping at an Unbeatable Price

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Unlike the occasions of birthday or anniversaries, Valentine’s holds a special part in every person’s life, especially, if he/she is dating. Lucky are the ones who get asked out on such special days. It gives confidence and definitely boosts self-esteem. Valentine’s Day has a special kind of enigma attached to it. It is hep especially among college going students. My own friends, as a matter of fact, are always excited for this day as they get a special kind of attention and recognition from their dating partners. I have been single for some time now and on such days I see annoying red roses, chocolates and stuff like that sometimes make me grow green in envy. No, but I really feel happy for my friends. It is always good to see them all smiles and blush!


As soon as Valentine’s Day approaches, you start noticing markets going all red and pink. At college, people start asking for suggestions from fellow classmates about gifting ideas. Just FYI, I give best pieces of advice on that! I know a friend who takes the entire day off for Valentine’s Day shopping. Yes some people celebrate it like crazy and some don’t even bother and it is just another day in their lives. I am definitely not judging those who don’t celebrate, each one has their preferences and it is perfectly okay. But yes, gifts are amazingly expensive and none of us can deny that. Especially when you have to give it to your wife or girlfriend, you have to keep in mind her likes and dislikes as women are comparatively choosey and picky when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. And same goes for women when they had to pick Valentine’s Day gift for husbands and boyfriends as they are left with a very limited choice.

Gifting shops like Archie’s, Marie Claire, and Accessorize etc. are filled with Valentine’s gifting ideas, but you need to blow a hole in your pockets for that. It obviously doesn’t suit a college-going student like me and we cannot ask for extra money for that. Lol! We also have options to explore in the virtual market as well, you can shop your love gifts online. Many websites let the customer shop online and let them customize their gifts accordingly. But again they are so expensive and so unreliable. Once I had to wish a happy birthday to my aunt who stays in another city so online gift shopping was the most convenient option for me. I had customized my gift with lily flowers and a red velvet cake, I had to pay shipping charges as well. Later I found that they sent some other flowers and had put chocolate instead of the cake! So unprofessional and unreliable. I had to ask for the whole refund. It was a terrible experience.

So, the other day, a friend of mine asked me for suggestions regarding Valentine’s Day gift for his girlfriend so I promised him I would give him a call if something awesome strikes me. While surfing random stuff, I found this link which took me straight to The 199 Store. I scrolled their entire catalog and found such amazing gifting items – everything at Rs 199! Can you actually believe it? At first, I thought this is some hoax, but the store 199 actually exists on its respective website. The 199 shop is available in many cities and places. The catalog included chocolates, photo frames, couple bracelets and chains, flowers of various kinds and quality. They had made small packages which included multiple items- already wrapped! It was definitely pocket-friendly and quality gifts that your partners would appreciate.

I recommended it to my friend and both of us surfed the entire store together. We were astonished at their pricing labels. We noticed that the items were running out of stock very quickly as who wouldn’t take such fair price deals. Love was definitely in the air! As for my friend, I am sure his girlfriend gave him a thumbs up for Valentine’s Day present!


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