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There is a type of satisfaction that comes with shopping online. Online shopping not only helps you shop for what you need but also lets you do it at your convenience. At The 199 Store, we want to provide you with the comfort of online shopping at a reasonable price of Rs 199 each.


Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness did not know where to shop. There are a lot of sayings which obviously date back to the time of our ancestors that preach money is not everything. Happiness cannot be found in money and that to live and truly enjoy life, one will have to look ahead of money. Living in the world of today where literally everything depends on money, nobody would agree that money does not matter. It does. And money plays a large role in determining whether one will live a life full of smiles and laughter or full of whines and sadness. Sure, money is not everything, but it is something. It is an important part of our lives today. To be happy and make others happy, you will have to do something. To do something you will require money. That is how a layman would explain the importance of money. The explanation is completely valid and holds true for all the people. Not only this, there is an additional satisfaction that comes with shopping online.

The very basic use of money is to trade. There is not even a single person in the entire world who can live independently. To be able to buy something you will have to give something. That something is money. There is a shortage of things which hold a lot of importance. Now that money is so important, there is a lot of shortage of it. People do not want to spend a lot of money on any product or service. They will always look for loopholes where they can get a lot in just few money. Here is one such loophole. The fact that you can buy products by spending few amount of money and get a lot of happiness cannot be digested at once. Take your time and then find out where to shop to buy things at such affordable price which is constant regardless of what you buy.

There are a lot of ways in which one can find happiness. The way depends on people’s idea of happiness. For some happiness means talking or dancing and for others, it could be shopping or watching television. Out of all the habits, the one that requires money is shopping. Well, almost all the activities require money in some way, but shopping is quite the favorite of so many people. It is a proven fact that a human being will feel the happiest when he/she makes the other person smile. Gifting the people that you love is one way to make them smile and feel special and loved. There are a lot of shops which offer products for gifts. But it all comes down to money that they ask for. There is absolutely no point in buying stuff which is expensive and does not even stand up to the quality being expected. This is one of the major reasons why people find shopping more like a stressful activity instead of a stress-free one. To change the concept and minds of people, The 199 Store has come up with a great idea.


The idea is to sell each and every product that is available on the site at Rs199. The motive is to keep the customers happy and satisfied, it is achieved by selling the best quality products one can ever find. The vision of the store is to ensure maximum customers satisfaction. With all this in mind, The 199 Store has been designed as an online marketing platform wherein one can look for the products and regardless of the product one buys, the price is constant as hell, just 199. Some of the products are so exclusive and different that you would not find them anywhere else.

Some of the popular items at The 199 Store include:

The 199 Store is all that you need to have in life to make sure that happiness is being served to you by paying just a few modicum of money. Nothing comes at free. But at such cost, if one can get high-quality products then why not? To become successful should not be the motive of any human. To be happy should. If you are happy, life will seem to be absolutely beautiful and worth it. Things and people that surround you will also become happy automatically if you are happy. Make your shopping worthwhile and stress-free. Let few things and activities in life give you nothing but simple joy and euphoria. As it is there are a lot of ways on which one can get stress, shopping should not be the one. Whenever the stress and hustle-bustle of life are troubling you and suffocating you, go shopping and clear your mind. You can shop at The 199 Store as there are a lot of cute products that will cheer you up there an then and also you will not have to spend a lot of money. In just Rs 199 you can buy happiness and live your dear Zindagi to the fullest!

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