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Revamping Your Living Space

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Renovation and revamping a room or a house could be a cumbersome task. It can take up to days and months if you do not have a fixed plan. The renovation also needs a well-defined budget keeping in mind the necessary stuff you would want in your living space. Your creative mind and sense of personal style can have a huge impact on your budget, which means if you do not have the slightest idea about interior decoration or living room furniture, you will have to hire interior designers which might affect your budget and savings.


Your living area is the first thing that the guests notice so it will always have an upper hand over the rest of your house but this might not always be the case as many people have different priorities. The market for home décor and furniture is huge and undoubtedly costs a bomb. I believe, the living area should define and justify your personal style statement. I recently completed a distance interior designing course so I thought I should put my knowledge to good use through my writing. So I am going to share a few tips and tricks which are budget friendly and would give a new meaning to your style and home décor. You do not have to spend a fortune on the decorations – save that money for your furniture as these are really expensive.

Getting started!

The very first thing you need to do is to have an in-depth analysis of your living area. Measure the length of the space where you would keep your new furniture. To save costs, you can refurbish your old furniture instead of discarding it unless it has become trash. If your old furniture feels vintage – keep it without a second thought. Unless you want an entirely new furniture, save the old ones for other rooms or use it for your backyard if applicable. Vintage is an evergreen concept. You will notice such stuff in high-end home décor brands which costs a fortune. My final advice would be to think twice before discarding!

Have you ever heard a saying that goes by ‘less is more’? Well, it holds true for everything. Try keeping it minimal especially if the area is small. You do not want your valuable stuff to get cramped up in small spaces where they would go unnoticed by your guests. Here comes the important part, think about the things that mean something to you instead of buying something that is just expensive or because it came from a branded store. Decide what you would want your guests to notice and highlight it. For example, your pictures that have a strong value in your life or something that is unique in itself. Some people like to show off their medals and trophies in their living area but I wouldn’t suggest that because that is way too old school!

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Painting the walls is absolutely normal but think about the ways and styles you could decorate a white wall. Think of your wall as a blank white sheet paper. This would give you a variety of ideas to play around with. A colour contrasting wall leaves only a handful of ideas while a white wall would simply give wings to your creative mind. You can work out different themes and keep changing your decoration as and when you desire. For example, you can buy wall stickers online if you are too hard on the budget. You can buy these at the 199 online store at an affordable price of just Rs 199.

Keep it classy!

Look out for those small jute lamp lights that would look lovely in an evening get together for the guests. A right lighting always pep up a boring room. With the help of these (and you will find a dozen variations in different colour), you can highlight the stuff that should come to notice by your guests. Another classy thing is a big sleek television in your living area. Design a teak wood cabinet for your television keeping in mind the size of the appliance and the space of the room. You can arrange a small stack of novels to be kept inside the cabinet. To cut down costs, look up online for home décor options because retail markets are way too expensive. Just remember that you do not have to treat your cabinet like your closet. Keep minimum stuff. You can put small chunk silver/golden cutlery pieces etc.

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If you have nothing in mind regarding the stuff that you would want to highlight, I would suggest you buy an antique painting and highlight the same with a bright yellowish bulb. It will make your room alive! Another pro tip I have in mind is to look out for an Aztec print rug/mat if you are the subtle kind. Keep the covers of your cushions pastel and contrast it with curtains or wall hangings. If you have enough space, you can decorate the living area by keeping small living plants. If you still think you are extra, you can decorate these small plants with fairy lights for those gossip sessions with your friends! Every home decor piece I mentioned above can be found online for a very cheap price of Rs 199. If you are too tight, The 199 Store will provide you with cheap home décor items, you can look out for lighting, showpieces, and so much more. Buying home décor at such low price would definitely save you tons for your dream furniture!


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