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The Price Hike In India Took Me Straight to The 199 Store

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A price hike in India is not something uncommon to the common man!

As a common man or middle class, price hikes in India could be daunting. We see it in the news, we read it in the newspapers, and we see it everywhere. Sometimes people even become aggressive about it and respond in forms of rallies or fight with the local government. As citizens, we should be patient and let the government handle these things. But there are times when the common man gives up completely, he doesn’t trust the government policies and its working anymore and takes it all out in wrongful ways.

The middle-class man still manages but what about the poor man? He has no secure job, no wages and has a whole family to feed. Think about the help that does your house chores, these people already lead a vulnerable life. On top of that price hikes in items of daily use such as cooking gas, vegetables and petrol could only be a nightmare. Rich businessmen and traders hoard stuff and resell these items at a high price. This could be a really frustrating situation for the common man which comes out in the form of aggression and violence. But thank god, there are some things and people out there whom we can trust and rely on completely.


A few months back there was a massive price hike on items of daily use. As a student myself, I was confused and almost broke. I almost had a nervous breakdown as prices reached heights and my bank balance was dropping at an alarming rate! I did not want to burden my parents as I assumed they might be having similar problems but on a large level. Parents invest their money in various policies and schemes for a better return in future so I thought that I should keep mum regarding my pitiable condition. I had heard about 199 online shops where you get everything at Rs 199 but never really had the chance to visit it. All these things were coming to my mind. Besides, I had to pay to my housemaid, my guard, and other necessary bills. Those were some hectic days I tell you!

When I used to go to my college walking, I saw long queues of people in front of local departmental shops waiving ration cards on one hand. I realized such occasions not only cause harm to the poor but also encourages corruption which steals the rights of the common man!

Anyway, I tried asking a few of my college classmates if they could lend me some money but no luck there as well. Everyone was going through the same situation. At last, I gave up. I couldn’t ask my parents or any of my friends. I started looking up the internet. I was really running low on useful items that I needed desperately. I googled Rs 199 and the first link took me straight to The 199 Store. The website gave me an overview of their items - labeled only at Rs 199! Could I ask for more at that time of crisis? I don’t think so. I was super lucky that I found all the items that I needed. Each and every item was delivered to my doorstep the other day – neatly packed. The fragile items were given extra care and came in special boxes so that the items do not break. I personally recommended the same to my fellow classmates who were going through the same crisis, No wonder price hike took me straight to The 199 Store!

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