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Human beings have always looked for ways to make things simpler and easier since time immemorial. The simpler the work gets the happier a person will become. No matter if it is a math puzzle or a random fight with a friend, humans know best ways to simplify the complicated things. Take shopping as an example. Whether online or offline, the best shopping can be done only when there are categories according to any sort of criteria. Imagine while shopping there is no organization of the products and you have to just search for your product in a basket full of multi-products. That would be frustrating and annoying. Shopping is always made stress-free and more comfortable when one is provided with shopping list categories. The very first rule that any seller would stringently follow is to organize the products according to some criteria and then start selling!


A lot of people now shop by categories. In the hum-drum of life, nobody has a lot of time and patience to search for the products among a humongous list of products. Categorization makes it plain and simple for the buyer to look for the product. The steps to purchase the products reduces. Organizing the products not only helps the buyers to save their time and efforts but also the seller in maintaining their records and bills. It is a less cumbersome task for both the parties if the products are organized according to a set parameter. The seller will have proper records and will be fully aware of the stock. On the other hand, the buyer will be able to purchase in just a few minutes by searching for the required product from the categories. Having so many and almost unending advantages, it is always better to have organized and categorized products or goodies available.

Even though it doesn’t matter whether the shop is online or offline, categories matter more when it comes to shopping online. Nobody likes to scroll and scroll just to look for the right product. Therefore, more than anyone or anything else, the online stores necessarily should have categorization. The 199 Store is an online store wherein all the products are arranged according to the categories which have many criteria. According to the wish list of the buyer or the customers, they can select the category or the criteria and buy the product. 199 Store has a lot of additional perks. It sells each and every product at just Rs.199. The store is helping the customers in saving their time as well as money. After each transaction, the customer will leave the site with a smile on their face. The 199 Store ensures that never ever do the customers leave with disappointment.  The store also provides with discounts and special offers at various regular intervals and not only attracts customers but strives to keep them connected to the store.

There are 6 categories at The 199 Store. Each category has a lot of unique and different products to offer. The categories not only differ from each other but generally also have some special products that will not be available everywhere. The customers will not have to take the longer route to shop. They can just select the category according to the product or the reason to shop and then purchase their favorite product immediately. Following are the categories at The 199 Store:

1. Branded Chocolates


The name says everything. Doesn’t it?  The category will fulfill your cravings for something sweet. Morning or mid-night doesn’t matter, chocolates will be available at the store for 24/7. Some of the best chocolates like Toblerone and Toffifee are available at such a cheap price.

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2. Featured Collection

This category has got some of the unique products from almost all other categories. These products will not be found anywhere else and are unique to The 199 Store. From showpieces like clear glass turtle figurine to chocolates like Skittles candy, all the products are available under this category.

3. Gifts

A gift is something which one can never avoid. Small or large, on each occasion, this is something that must be present. At the same time, it is a huge problem to always look for new gifts or ideas. The 199 Store has got this category especially to help people find the perfect gifts for their loved ones or relatives. Birthdays or anniversaries you can always come to 199 Store and look for that right gift to gift.

4. Home and Décor

Renovation or anew house, décor will never leave you. Some of the best products for your lavish décor are available on the site under this category. The décor that is available at Rs199. will bring positivity and a new light to your house or room. Lights like hanging ball light or clocks like Motorcycle alarm clock, all type of products related to room or home are offered under this category.

5. Jewellery and Accessories


Girls, this is the right category for you to adorn yourselves and look even more glamorous and beautiful. Ornaments always add a spark to your outfit and make you look charming. Some of the best artificial jewelry is offered under this category and yes the price remains the same!

6. School and Office

A lot of things are required for school or office. Things which mostly include stationary or clock. All these products are now there in The 199 Store under this category. Make your work easy and more fun by shopping from this category and spreading positive vibes everywhere.

The 199 Store is all set to offer you some of the best products under some of the most interesting and organized categories. It is your turn to make few efforts and shop to buy what you want!

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