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With so many products available online, it is smarter to shop by category. That way, you can find what you are looking for faster. Online shopping in India allows you to shop in categories such as home and decor, school and office supplies, branded chocolates, and gifts. Here are a few categories you can shop for at The 199 Store - where everything is Rs 199 each.

1. Home and Decor

Ganesh Murti at The 199 Store

Shopping for home decoration items online? The 199 Store is the solution for your home decor online shopping needs. Some of the home and decor items we sell are:

There are also a variety of money envelopes to choose from:

2. School and Office Supplies

Yellow Duck Lamp at The 199 Store

The 199 Store offers a variety of office and school supplies online for you to buy. These supplies include:

3. Branded Chocolates

M&Ms Chocolates at The 199 Store

Branded chocolates in India are something that everyone prefers, whether it is for personal use or for gifts. The 199 Store sells imported chocolates online. Some of these chocolates include:

4. Gifts

A Golden Jewellery Box at The 199 Store

Looking for gift ideas? No need to look anywhere else! The 199 Store provides you with a variety of gifts online. Whether you are looking for gift items for birthdays, anniversaries, or a function, you can find it all here. Some of our best selling items include:

5. Jewelry and Accessories


A Sweater Chain at The 199 Store

Going for an outing, or to work? This our jewelry and accessories collection will give you the fashionable, casual, and chic look that you deserve, and allow you to add the "glam" in "glamorous". Some of our items include:

Clearly, there are a variety of products you can buy at The 199 Store which will cost you only Rs 199 each. That is the specialty of our brand. We sell everything for Rs 199 each - no strings attached. Whether its a gift or something you want to use at home, make The 199 Store your personal shopping stop!

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