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Stop Compromising With Your Online Checklist

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Who likes to compromise on their favorite items? No one. There are so many times when we put out a favorite piece of clothing or a shoe from an online store hoping to buy it soon but then eventually we either forget it or that item goes out of stock! No being able to make a purchase from your online wishlist is nothing less than a nightmare itself.

As for myself, I am a crazy shopaholic just like most women. Especially when my college restarts with a beginning of a new semester. I just somehow feel it mandatory that I should do a nice shopping of tees, jeans, shirts, shoes and a handbag. Call me crazy but I do it every semester. Online brands like put crazy offers on their websites. All my friends and me of course – just cannot stop hitting the ‘buy now’ and ‘add to cart’ buttons!


As soon as I see a notification of the sale (and if I am free), I do not waste a single moment and start browsing. If my flatmate is available, I would call her and literally yell, ‘’we need to order now before it goes out of stock or the size becomes unavailable’’! Such is our craze for shopping. But to be honest, my online wish list has always been a wish list, I mean I do not remember a single episode where I actually got what I had entered in that list – or maybe it has happened very rarely. I remember I had my cousin’s wedding approaching a few months back. I am not a very big fan of traditional wear so I had no idea how to go about it or from where to begin –I did not even know what to wear or what traditional piece would suit me! So, I thought instead of roaming in the market areas of Chandni Chowk or Lajpat, it would be better if I select one or two pieces online, that way I’d have a better idea about the pricing as well and then later on if I feel the need, I could get it stitched as well. So I selected a beautiful pink Anarkali and a teal green sari for myself. They were really expensive though. Anyway, it was the February sale time when shopaholics spend hefty amounts. I checked my wishlist and I don’t know what happened, the price should have been reduced but to my horror, I saw a sudden rise in both the pieces. So that tells me, that we are not always lucky and things that are part of our wish list not necessarily mean that you will witness their reduced prices. I swear I’d not lie – to this very date both the things still lie on my wishlist! Wishlists come in handy when you have to buy something specific on a particular occasion or you want to buy a gift for someone so you just save the item that you want to gift and order it right away when its time without having the need to look for it or browse the whole catalog. I personally have done this a lot of times and wish lists makes it so much easier. If I have selected an item that I want to gift, I simply put it on my wishlist and order it the day I want or directly send it to the person.

Call it my bad luck, but most times, I have to compromise on my wish list due to unavailability of a size, out of stock reasons or it is simply very expensive. I’d always wait for that item to go on sale but high-end brands usually never come up with heavy discounts so I end up compromising!

As for the wedding if you’re curious I bought a long skirt and a crop top from a nearby mall. But recently I have a found a budget-friendly Rs 199 online shop. The store is loaded with quality products at an affordable price.  The store will wrap the gift and send it to the person directly while you make the online payment. Each and every item at The 199 Store is just for Rs 199 each with no hidden costs or conditional offers. There are a variety of items like antique pieces, idols and gifting materials to choose from. Buy anything and everything for just Rs 199, and the items will be delivered to your doorstep. Since I don’t like compromising on shopping – I think I have bagged a fair deal here.

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