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My First College Apartment Checklist Took Me Straight To The 199 Store

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Shopping could be a girl’s favorite thing to do in the world. Right guys? But not when you have to shop for the entire apartment that too all by yourself! I would rather be happy as long as my mother does it. It could be anyone’s nightmare to create your first apartment grocery list or performing the tedious task of jotting down all the necessities when moving into a new apartment.

Quite recently, I took my master's admission at a renowned university in New Delhi. ‘’This was it’’, I thought and decided that I won’t settle for some random paying guest or rent a room nearby the university. During my undergrad days, I stayed as a paying guest and O Lord! What a terrible experience. So this time I decided that I would just rent a nice cozy apartment so that sometime later if my parents or my sibling wants to visit me, they can always stay with me. So this was the plan. Anyway, I found a very nice apartment quite close to my college. There were eating joints, a park, and a hospital at a walking distance which made it even more attractive. It had two rooms, a washroom, a balcony and a small kitchen. I was super happy and excited about it. Finally, I had my own place and I can customize its decoration and paint according to my wish. But you know what they say – The grass is always greener on the other side! I guess no one can even have the slightest idea the kind of pain it brought with itself.


Drumrolls began in my mind. I couldn’t understand where to begin my shopping. I was so confused at that very moment. I started imagining my house in my hometown. I started thinking about the things kept in my room over there. But still, things were not really clear in my mind. There should be a separate ‘First apartment essentials checklist for renters’, that should be available for people like me!

I thought I should just simply call my mother and ease out. So I called her and simply told her that I need to make a list of the items needed for moving into my apartment. She understands that I am a very confused person and that I am in need of a desperate help. As she began telling me, I got all the more scared. She was simultaneously giving me an idea about their estimated prices as well. I was worried that this list is First, never-ending and secondly, it will obviously going to tamper my budget and my savings. And then there were other expenses as well, I had to pay some money to the broker and there was some outstanding amount that had to be paid off as rent and security. So by now, it was very much clear to me that this list and its items are going to eat me alive. Anyway, there was no escape to this and this had to be done. My landlords were kind enough to put washed curtains on the windows and they had just finished painting the entire apartment. They even suggested looking for a 199 shop online where you get everything for just Rs 199. Quite unbelievable. They also told me I was their first tenant, so I had this pressure as well that I had to keep my best foot forward and to just kind of be the best tenant they will ever have and I would never give them a chance to complain. (Yes. I am that extra!)

So, my official first college apartment checklist was ready! It included items like sheets and covers for my bed, doorway mats for room and outside, rugs, floor mats, a small lamp and fairy lights for decoration, posters and wall hangings. Moving to the washroom and bathroom essentials, I had put detergents, floor cleaner, tile cleaner and room fresheners, plastic containers in which I can keep my toiletries, laundry basket, hand towels and some essential odor repellents. I had kept the list minimal and stuff that I needed on a priority basis. I had a separate checklist for the kitchen. It included items like plastic plates and spoons, glassware, cups and mugs, containers of different sizes and purpose, bottles and various plastic ware, strainer, pans of different sizes, hotpot and casserole, aprons, utensil holders, stuff I needed for kitchen maintenance for cleansing etc.

I made sure I did not miss anything essential and important. As my landlords had suggested to look up The 199 Store, I quickly googled it and found its website The 199 Store online.  I decided to quickly run over my checklist and put everything in my cart before it runs out. Each and every item cost me only rs 199. I already had a shoestring budget for my apartment as I had other things to pay for and this just made it so much easier. I found that the online store had all the items that I could use or buy in future as well!  I logged out with a smile on my face. My room, in fact, the whole apartment looked so much aesthetic.

I guess I am much more close to my apartment now. :-)

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