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Modern Day Beauty Standards

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Why is a woman expected to be a certain kind of beautiful? Why do women spend hours, days, months or even decades of their lives suffocating themselves into society's perception of beauty? Why do we constantly change ourselves to be timelessly attractive? Why do we feel ashamed to admit we have makeup on and why do we want to hide our scars? Why are we programming ourselves to be a prototype of a person we aren't? Why are we burying ourselves under the patriarchy of a society we created ourselves?


Maybe we need to stop measuring our beauty against some “classically beautiful features” and start measuring it using our intellect and our ambition.  Maybe we need to stop trying to fit into those skinny 26-inch pants and start breaking out of the shackles of the limitations society has imposed on us. Maybe we need to stop stressing about how dark our skin is and start thinking about fairness in our lives. Maybe we need to stop trying to have bigger eyes and prettier hair for someone else and start having dreams for a brighter future for ourselves. Maybe we need to stop trying to look like a goddess and start treating yourself like one. And maybe, just maybe, we need to stop trying to make everyone else proud and start taking pride in our raw, true, vulnerable selves.

Let's put on red lipstick because we want to, and not take shame in the fact that we have makeup on. Let's not hide our stretch marks and scars for the stories behind them are a part of our lives. Let's fall in love with our body without always looking out for its flaws. Let the focus shift from having large perfectly winged eyes to actually seeing and observing the world around us. Let the focus shift from being skinny enough for them to be healthy enough to live our lives. Let's wear whatever makes us feel happy whether it's too shiny, too boring or too progressive to fit into the narrow ways of society. Let's try to be happy for ourselves rather than being pretty for the world. Finally, let's believe that we are smart, fierce, powerful women and that we are timelessly beautiful in our own effortless way.

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My name is Sreya Suri and I'm currently pursuing a degree in Journalism from Lady Shri Ram College for Women. In my free time, I like to read books and I can read anything, from classic literature to modern-day bestsellers. I also binge watch a lot of TV shows and you can find me fantasizing over fictional characters all the time.

I have a great passion for writing and love expressing my views on everything from feminism to my favorite Disney movies.

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