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“A life is only lived to the fullest when you live for others.” It is not wrong to preach this or follow this. But read between the lines and understand that nobody says that you have to always put others before you. When you first opened your eyes, you were all alone; when you will close your eyes, you will be all alone. There is absolutely no point in always putting others before you and suffer. Life is meant to live for yourself but make sure that in the process nobody gets harmed.

If you don’t love yourself who will? There will be no one out there to take care of you if you don’t take care of yourself. The very first love felt by any human on this earth is love with himself/herself. One can judge your capacity to love by observing the way you love or feel about yourself. Nourishing and taking care of yourself is a selfless act. Being cruel to yourself is not what makes you selfless or helpful. There are various ways in which one can put himself or herself before others. Loving, caring and feeling safe should be the topmost priority of anybody breathing and living this beautiful life. One should just have the willpower to ensure love and happiness for themselves, rest all is possible in so many different ways. Also, isn’t pampering yourself the most beautiful feeling ever? You are your own sunshine and happiness. Why do you even need anybody else to make you happy when you can be your own happy pill.

The Thin Line Between Obsession and Self-Love


Many people often get confused between being obsessed and being in love with yourself. Well, here is the difference.

Obsession means not thinking about anyone else but just about yourself. You do not care what is happening in other’s lives and you are just concerned about only you. Being in love with yourself, however, is completely different. It means that you are in love with yourself in such a way that you put yourself above anybody but ensure that no one is getting harmed or hurt. You care for everyone and look out for others but not at the cost of your happiness. In no world is caring for yourself and putting yourself before others are ethically or morally wrong. Sometimes you will feel rejected and dejected. Sometimes your expectations will not be met. Sometimes you will be surrounded by lots of people but you will be feeling alone and lonely. Those are times when you will realize that none of this really matters. All you have to do is be your own happiness and take charge of your life. Do not let others guide you or treat you as a pushover. You are your own master. Here are many ways to make yourself feel loved and pampered, but the best is online shopping.

There is no other way wherein you will feel more loved, cared or pampered. Buy yourself some gifts and goodies. Thinking about where to shop online? All the answers are right here. You just have to be read on.

The 199 Store

At The 199 Store, there are products designed according to the customer’s needs and wants. The best way to put yourself above others is to start shopping for yourself and meeting all your needs and wants. And you are yet to hear the best and most exciting part of it! Hold your breath and keep your feet on the ground, the price for all the goodies is just Rs 199. Feeling lucky? You should be. As mentioned earlier, no better way to start than this. Show and prove it to yourself that your happiness matters the most. There are a lot of products which will bring a smile on your face. A lot of products are so unique that you will not find them anywhere else. A lot of products have so many variations that you will not be able to decide which one to buy. The site is absolutely designed for the customers and has a very friendly approach and aura to it.

The sooner you realize that you will have to take a step and start looking for yourself, the better your life will be. Nothing remains constant and nothing lasts forever. You will have to stop depending on others and looking for happiness in other things. The fact is that happiness lies within. You just have to look inside you and there lies your bag of joy and happiness. Look for different ways and find your interests. Do what you feel like and never be apologetic about it. You have been given only one life and you will never be able to live it to the fullest if you keep worrying about others. The hard truth is you cannot keep everyone happy and satisfied. So for the starters, always begin with yourself. How are others going to be happy when you are not happy yourself? Go and grab your happiness and satisfaction. Be unapologetic. Be yourself. Be a little selfish if it comes to you. Just make sure that nobody is hurt or harmed. Start looking for your peace and happiness. Start working on it NOW.

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