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The world is your runway and you are the showstopper. You are all alone in this walk of life. You will have to figure out a way to live with your head held up high. Confidence and determination are what you should have to make a living for yourself. Often you must have heard people say “rise and shine.” Well, actually the purpose of life is to make sure that you live a life where you are rising and shining. The worlds rising and shining are more than just the dictionary meaning. Rising means that you have to grow as a person and evolve with time and generations that are about to come. The growth of a person is not only individual but community wise also. With each passing day, you should be able to realize at the end of the night that what was your growth and where are you standing now. Shining means that you excel in all the fields that you are working in/on. It does not mean that you have to beat other people, but it means that you have to beat yourself. Be better than what you were yesterday. Your biggest competitor is none other than you yourself.

Talking about rising and shining, one key factor that comes into play is surrounding. Things and people that surround matters a lot and affects you a lot. It is important that in order to live a healthy and positive life you have an optimistic influence on your side. In that way, you will always be pumped up and charged to do better each day and every day. It is all connected and hence to ensure that you develop as a person, the very first thing that you will have to do is make sure that you live in a surrounding where nothing but positivity flies.

 Time to Decorate Your Home

As they say that charity begins at home, so does the process of lighting up your life to grow and lead a healthy and positive life. Home is a place where you spend most of the time and at the end of each day, you go back there only. There absolutely is no place like home. Start with your room. Look around and feel the aura inside your room. There are several ways in which you can certify that the room is filled with optimistic air. There are a lot of products available that really help when it comes to lighting up the room to guarantee positivity.

Fairy lights, goodies, and showpieces that are filled with lights inside etc. are the products that will keep your room all lighted up. You can also light your room with stars and go lights shopping for this purpose. Presenting to you the store which is an online marketing place and offers such products at just Rs.199, The 199 Store. It has got all the products and goodies that will keep your room up to the mark in the sense that you will feel nothing but pure motivation and desire to do something great in life and achieve your aims successfully. The 199 Store helps a lot by ensuring that the customers purchase products which represent positivity and hope to do better each day.

Hanging Ball Light

Moving on, one should then try and look around for the people that you spend time with. You will have to notice and observe their influence on you. Any bad influence should not be tolerated at any cost because, in the long run, it will harm nobody else but you. A positive influence will make you do all the good things in life and will keep you guided on the right path. There will be millions who will exert a bad influence but only few that will keep you on the right and sane path.  All you have to do is step back from the bad ones and step in in the right ones.

The very immediate solution to this influence and motivation thing is to start with room and light it up. Decorate your home with lights all around. Imagine walking in a lighting living room or home. You will be fascinated by the glow of those lights.Lighting up of a room is a symbol that soon you will light your life too. Lighting up your life means doing things that you are good at and excelling in your respective talents or work. It does not mean that you have to be a part of the rat race where everyone is running towards fame and glory but just do your bit and fight with yourself.

Hanging Lantern Lights

Light Shopping at The 199 Store

The 199 Store is one store where you can find an exorbitant amount of goodies and products for your room to exert a good influence. There are a lot of other things that you can do yourself to make sure that you are driven and encouraged to do the right thing. In this one life, nothing else matters than your work. After you go, there will be nothing remembered about you except your work. In fact, people would know your name through your work. So, create space for yourself in this colossal world and make the right use of the talents and gifts that you are provided with. Stay motivated and start lighting up your life!

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