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How to Decorate Your Home on a Low Budget

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After hours of working or staying outside the home, it always feels glad to be back at home. There is no place like home. On days when one cannot stop but whine for long hours, the only thing that is needed is your own room and bed. On days when one cannot stop but laugh or smile, the only thing that is missed is the room and the bed. No matter where life takes you, whether up or down, the comfort which your own bed, room, and home can provide you, nothing else can. The feeling of belongingness and being able to call something yours forever is out of the world. But every day watching the same décor and room might get boring. Wouldn’t it? Imagine a way where you could change the décor every day, not literally. The thing that gives you the safest and most comfortable feeling can be changed and turned into something that you love even more.

Not keeping any more secrets and making it simpler for you, here is what this means. What if somebody tells you that you could buy cute room décor stuff and redecorate your room or home in a short span of time and at regular intervals? How would you feel? Wouldn’t it be the best feeling ever? Nothing could be better than this. Oh, and are you thinking about spending a lot of money? No, you would not be asked to spend a lot of money but just Rs 199.


The 199 Store

The 199 Store is an online store which offers all the products at a very cheap and affordable price, Rs 199. There will be no issues or problems when it comes to quality as all the products that are available on the site are of excellent and trustworthy quality. There are not only quality products but so much of variation in the products that one would want to buy almost everything that is present on the site. Room décor stuff is the specialty of The 199 Store. Fairy lights products, attractive showpieces and a lot more. It is impossible to find an excuse for not buying all the services and goodies offered are mind-blowing. Instead of searching door to door and market to market for different and unique showpieces, it would be a lot better to just go online and look at one place. The room décor stuff is one of the things that is difficult to find and look for. Also, not in all places will you find extraordinary stuff that will catch your eye and attention. But the story is different when it comes to 199 Store. There is a whole section which is dedicated to décor. You will find a lot of eye-catching products that will absolutely transform your room and home. Buddha showpiece, mug sets or designer lights, everything at just Rs.199 is on the site. It would just take few minutes before you start adding products to your cart.


Converting old to new is a process that has been a part of our lives for a long, long time. Transforming things into new and interesting stuff is cool and fun. It goes without saying that watching the same room over and over again gets mundane. So, a little transformation is always required. Also, when the transformation comes at a price that is as cheap as Rs 199, more than a requirement, the transformation becomes mandatory. Beginning from your room, before transforming anything you should always keep in mind space. Before changing anything, look how much space is available and can be used. You would not want your room to become a storeroom of a lot of products and goodies which just don’t make sense. So, according to space available start making a list of items that you want to buy. Some must products that you should be having in a room are :

  1. Fairy lights
  2. Any designer light in shape of something cool and unique.
  3. Cute and different showpiece
  4. Wall hanging or a poster
  5. A pair of cushions

These items are a must and will go with any room or any décor. Apart from this, the rest of the products can be according to the built and structure of the room. Instead of completely changing the room, try doing it bit by bit. A sudden change is never appreciated. Slowly and gradually, start transforming the old room into a new room. One thing to keep in mind is that never just buy a product without thinking. Go for the products that will best suit your room and match with your décor. You will not like your room to be a weird place. Do not convert your room into a big mess. Keep it simple and very plain. Simplicity is the new trend. So, act accordingly and then start buying. Instead of spending a lot on such décor stuff, save your money and buy these things at a feasible price. You know where to look for such price and cute stuff. Go ahead and start changing the room to divert from the mundane and boring look of your room. A little change in the room might just bring a little change in yourself for a good purpose. Don’t wait and grab what you need, because not only are the prices low at The 199 Store, but there are a lot of discounts, offers, and deals available too. Do it for the sake of your room. Have a look at our Home and Decor collection today.

Happy Re-Decorating!

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