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How Spending Less Fetches Satisfaction

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The very essence of life is to live it to the fullest. You must have heard or come across many people in your life who will constantly tell you to live as much as you can. Being alive is never enough. The goal is not to stay alive but to live. The whole point of this human existence on planet earth will diminish if people die before they are even dead. Very often, people get confused and perplexed regarding the purpose of life. In short run one may have myriad purposes, but in the long run, there is only one and just one purpose, which is “Satisfaction.” No matter how much goals get accomplished, how much friends you make, in the end when you will be closing your eyes for one last time, the only thing that would matter is how much satisfied were you with your life.

There are a lot of ways in which one gets satisfied. It varies from people to people and children to children. For some, satisfaction means doing something in which you are happy and for others, satisfaction means more of incoming than outgoing. This incoming and outgoing could be related to anything. The basic satisfaction people get when more of benefit is received by incurring less cost. The 199 Store wishes to achieve this purpose on behalf of people by offering a large number of benefits in return for few cost. The cost is fixed and same for all the products. Spending Rs 199 is what you are required to do while shopping on the online website, The 199 Store. 


Unmaterialistic Ways to Find Satisfaction

There is a list of things which give immense satisfaction to people.


For some people, fitness matters a lot. “Health is wealth” is what is preached by some people. Health will always top the list no matter what. Staying fit requires you to do some sort of physical activity and workout which also includes taking care of your diet. Eating the right amount of food which is nutritious and balanced is very important. Physical workouts might include going to gym or yoga classes. Also, if you are a sports enthusiast, you do not need to go anywhere. The work is done because of the sport you enjoy playing.


Sleeping is very important as it ensures that you can start your new day with full energy and vigor. It keeps you healthy and your mind in the right direction. Your body and mind can work in full synch only when you get a good sleep. A good sleep means that you sleep at a proper time and wake up early to start your day. 8-10 hours of sleep is a must for any adult or child to ensure proper and sound working of the body.


Food is one thing which can never disappoint anybody. In today’s world, even before love comes food. Food is absolutely important as it literally helps you in staying alive. Without eating nobody would be able to live longer and in a healthy way. And not just food, tasty food is what people need and want. People get a lot of satisfaction from eating the right food at right time. Eat your breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Eat at right intervals and at right time in the right proportion.


The relationship between benefit and cost is complicated. Talking about the marketplace, the buyers are in a race where they look for products which offer more benefits and cost comparatively less. The sellers on the other hands, look for ways in which they can sell products at a relatively higher price and they are not really concerned about the benefits. They just want to earn profits and their work is done right there. The 199 Store, however, has a different approach towards this concept. It seeks to help people by giving as many benefits as possible and the price is as cheap as it can be. The products available on this website are for 199 and the variety is a lot more. The quality is assured and there is nothing to worry about. Spending such few money and getting the products that you have always desired or wanted is one thing which will fully satisfy the people. This will fetch satisfaction more than anything.

At The 199 Store the goal is to make people happy and satisfied with their shopping. Once on the site, the customers would not want to leave. Such is the design and policy of The 199 Store. Visiting it once and trying it out for yourself is a must in order to experience the satisfaction of buying. Personal satisfaction, after all, l is one great step toward success. So, try it now and satisfy yourself by spending less and earning more and more!

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