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Holi Gifts Ideas in India

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Holi - also known as the "Festival of Colours" - is one of the most loved festivals in India. And why shouldn't it be? The festival signifies the victory of good over evil. It brings families together. On this auspicious occasion, plan a gift for your loved ones. In this article, we will discuss some Holi gifts ideas for your family and friends that will cost you only Rs 199 each.

1. Imported Chocolates

At The 199 Store, we have a variety of imported and branded chocolates for you to choose from. Whether it's a Toblerone chocolate bar or a Skittles Gift Box, there is something for everyone. The best part of gifting imported chocolates to loved ones is that it is a gift for every age group.

Have a look at our collection of imported chocolates online.

2. Showpieces

A showpiece is something that brightens your home. Not only this, it shows the next person that they matter in your life. But, it is equally important to find an appropriate showpiece to gift. Here are some of the showpieces we sell at The 199 Store for just Rs 199:

3. Shagun Envelopes

Can't decide what to gift? Go for the traditional and "safe" gifting option - a shagun envelope. Choose from a variety of designs which are suitable for all age groups. You can also choose a set of 10 Disney Princess Money Envelopes or Chota Bheem Money Envelopes for kids.

Some other designs we have for money envelopes include:

Orange Ganesh Money Envelopes (Set of 10)

Clearly, there are a variety of products you can buy at The 199 Store which will cost you only Rs 199 each. That is the specialty of our brand. We sell everything for Rs 199 each - no strings attached. Whether its a gift or something you want to use at home, make The 199 Store your personal shopping stop! Start your budget shopping online today and save big!

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