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Your Guide to Chocolates

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Chocolate is a delicious food item made from the cocoa seeds. It is probably the best invention in the history of food items. In fact, chocolates are a delight and a joy to even have. As far as the flavor is concerned, there are different chocolates available. Some examples include milk chocolates, dark chocolates and white chocolates and the type of chocolate depends on the quantity of cocoa present in the process of making chocolates.

There are inspiring and famous quotes on chocolates present like:

“ Your hand and your mouth agreed many years ago as far as chocolate is concerned, there is no need to involve your brain.”  ~ Dave Barry

This quote is probably the best quote as it refers to the exact point that whenever we consume chocolate, we just fell in love with the taste and flavor of it that we just can’t make any further decision as we feel so much joy and happiness. We forget everything in the awe o the flavor of the chocolate.

“Anything is good if it is made of chocolate“ ~ Jo Brand

This quote is very rightly written as we know that how versatile a chocolate can be. It is basically used in the sweets because of the sweet chocolaty flavour.

The different food items in which chocolate is used are:

  1. Ice creams – The ice creams add the flavour of chocolate to their ice cream to represent a chocolate flavour. It is a mix flavour of bitter sweet depending on the intensity of the cocoa in that chocolate.
  2. Cakes - Basically, The chocolate syrup is made through chocolate cubes and the added to the cake that is to be made along with the choco chips to add a different flavour to the cake.
  3. Biscuits - Again, as we bake a cake, the same process is followed to make cookies, biscuits, and brownies. The chocolate cookies are very popular in the market.
  4. Chocolate as a topping - The chocolate syrups like Hershey's syrup or the plain chocolate syrup are used to provide a required look and flavour to any food item and it always works.

Life Happens and Chocolate Helps

It means that the life keeps on going with sorrows and happiness but what remains constant and provides helps is the chocolate in its each and every form. There are different health benefits of having chocolates that are mentioned below:

  1. Healthier Heart - Having some chocolate on the daily basis helps the blood to flow properly at its best pace all over the body muscles, heart, and the mind. This helps to prevent the heart diseases like heart attack problem, cardiac arrest. It also improves the heartbeat of a human.
  2. Weight Loss - Eating chocolate or drinking coffee before working out helps in burning calories more effectively and faster. Chocolate doesn’t contain that many calories as it seems, but it has healthy calories if consumed properly.
  3. Happier Kids - The kids always get so happy whenever they get chocolate as a reward as it feels a sense of joy in each and every aspect. But also eating chocolate generates a sense of happiness and joy to the behavior and mind of the kids, making them happy and positive.
  4. Diabetes Prevention - Eating chocolate has a good impact on the diabetic patients as well. It is scientifically proven that having chocolate prevents diabetes.
  5. Stress Reduction - As mentioned earlier that chocolates generate a sense of happiness and thus it helps to reduce the level of stress and tension that a person possesses.
  6. Sun Protection - It is scientifically proven that the chocolate eating or consuming and using products helps us to prevent from the harmful sun rays.
  7. Higher Intelligence - Also, the chocolates have a positive impact on the mind as well as it improves memory and improves the intelligence of a person as well.

Chocolates in India

The chocolates are the most precious and valuable providing a lot of health benefits as well.  The chocolates in India have a  huge market for the brands like Cadbury and Nestle and the other imported chocolate brands like Toblerone, Skittles, and M&M's. Thus, chocolate has a huge demand in the cases of gifts on the different occasions or purely for your consumption.

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Chocolate As A Gift

As we have discussed it earlier that a chocolate can be used in a lot of ways and techniques. Most of the western sweets made on any occasion or even in Indian sweets the presence of chocolate is definitely felt. No celebration is complete without a chocolate as a sweet at the end. The most common gift that people give their loved ones is chocolates in any shape, size or way. There are different ways to gift chocolates as making a bouquet of the wrapped chocolates, gifting the chocolates as it is, and make a customized chocolate sculpture with a name or letter on the top of it to represent the person who is receiving that particular chocolate gifts. There are a lot of online gift shopping sites which provides the customized way to gift chocolates to our loved ones but in a slightly different way.

Thus, we admit that the chocolates are so versatile as it plays the role of a life saver, blood circulator, stress reliever, memory enhancer etc. Along with being a gift item in the customized ways as well. Apart from being a part of different sweet dishes like cakes, shakes, pudding etc, it also helps to improve our skin. There are different chocolate massages and facial treatments that help to improve the quality of the skin and makes it healthy.

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