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Gifting Ideas for Your Loved Ones

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Gifting is a bliss in itself. As for myself, I love gifting more than I love receiving. Gifts serve an important purpose, it is a token of appreciation for a person and it makes us feel special and important. Gifts are the most convenient way to express your feelings for the other person. Whether you want to celebrate their birth on birthdays through a greeting card or you want to convey your special feelings to a particular person on Valentine’s Day, gifting can never go wrong or become outdated. I remember, during childhood, they meant so much on birthday eves, after the party when all the guests used to leave, I used to unpack everything and find out what gifts I received. They used to make me so happy. Time passed but the importance of gifts never changed.

To some people, gifting is a hectic task and that is completely understood. Gifts for different occasions or purpose has to be different as well, for example, gifts for birthday, men’s gifts, birthday gifts for boys and girls, valentine gifts men and women, anniversary gift for couples and the list goes on. Especially when it is Valentine’s Day, the markets are all pink with love gifts. Gifting involves an art you need to have an understanding of the general likes and dislikes of the person whom you want to gift.


I usually categorize gifts for different occasions to simplify things for myself. Like for example, I buy things that would be of some use to the person on his birthday and for Valentine’s I would suggest to buy something symbolic – for that, you should know your partner really well. You should know your partner’s likes and dislikes or if you are thinking of gifting a perfume – keep in mind if their allergic to a particularly strong smell! While gifting clothes and shoes, you must remember their sizes. If you are planning to buy an item during a sale – you need to double check at the counter if the item is returnable just in case anything goes wrong or else you need to be super careful while picking such items. A couple years ago while I was dating, I went on a shopping spree for my boyfriend’s birthday. Since I wanted to gift him something which he could make use of in future as well, I thought of buying some winter wear for him. It was sale time along with heavy discount offers. So I took advantage of the same and spent heavy money on his clothes. What I did not realize was that I would not be able to return if anything goes wrong with the fitting and all. So the day came, he was super happy with the stuff I bought. To my utter dismay, two of the sweatshirts that I really liked did not fit him well and eventually, we had to put them away. The store was not ready to exchange or return them as I took them on sale. So these are things we have to keep in mind while gifting.

Now gifting could also be a challenging task. Markets are full of fancy stuff. If you have decided on a particular thing, you are bound to get confused because of the kind of variety present in the market. When it comes to men, gifting is a bit easier because you have limited options of tees, shirts and trousers or winter wear stuff plus very few men are choosy. They usually accept whatever they receive and feel happy about it (maybe because men are less emotional).  On the other hand, women are very choosy because they have a pool of options. I have seen my own friends who are very particular about what they receive from their boyfriends. They are choosey to the extent that they would take out extra time and select their gifts on their own which is completely okay. At least it is hassle-free for men as they do not have to think anymore. And men who love giving surprises have to take extra care of their lady love and keep in mind the things that can turn around the situation or kind of ruin the surprise. For family functions, a suitable gift would be to buy a home décor piece – an antique maybe or a nice Mughal painting. I love going to home decor stores (even if I don’t want to buy anything). They give ideas about the trend that is being followed, you get to see beautiful cutlery, earthen lamps, paintings, kitchen and home appliances and so much more. They are no doubt expensive as anything.

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