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Fashion Trends and Their Evolution

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Words are not sufficient to describe one’s personality and style. The way one presents himself/herself matters a lot in today’s high-class and fashionable society. Fashion is not only limited to what you wear but it actually describes who you are. The first impression is the last impression. Of course, nobody lives to impress anybody, but it is absolutely undeniable that living in a social world like this, one needs to take a good care of the appearance and personality. People always notice and then listen. Time has passed by and the fashion trends have never stopped its evolution. Time and again, the fashion statements have changed. It would not be an overstatement to say that fashion has evolved within days, forget about seasons alone.

The catch is that along with fashion, the prices too have evolved with time. Most of you must have heard stories from your grandparents about how the school fee earlier was just Rs 50 or Rs 100 at max. Similarly, the prices for clothes, style and fashion have upped their antenna. There is so much competition amongst the sellers and buyers that even when one does not want to do this, he is forced to do it. It is not only fashion that has gone up but along with it, it has taken price too. A common, middle-class man has unfortunately become the victim of the situation. There is nothing that can heal the wounds. But, is it true? No, it is not. The 199 Store has given a ray of hope to all the middle-class people out there and promised to fulfil the expectations of the people keeping in mind the trending fashion.


Fashion, just like said above, is not only about how one dresses up. Fashion is more than just styling. It is a way to express yourself. Self-expression is what fashion is all about. Within a fraction of seconds, one can guess your mood by looking at the way you dressed up. The trends keep changing too, according to the time and generation. What used to be considered as fashion in 90’s would never be the same for the era of 20’s. One very important thing to keep in mind is that nobody sets fashion or trend for everyone. It is you, yourself, who decides what will be your fashion statement. The fashion trend is what you set and carry with yourself for the rest of the days or weeks. Looking up to somebody is acceptable, but wear clothes in which your skin feels comfortable. At the end, what would matter is that how much comfortable were you in your clothes. Even the slightest bit of uneasiness would show up on your face and it would spoil the outfit immediately. There is absolutely nothing that can beat the originality. The outfit and style stamen should be as original as possible. One will automatically rise and shine if the touch of originality is present.

Often, people associate fashion with brands. But, to get this straight, being fashionable never means that one is allowed to wear only designer clothes and accessories. Fashion is nowhere close to only brands. Fashion simple means to wear clothes in which your skin feels comfortable and you are ready to express yourself through it. Prices are going up each day and every day. In such case, a wiser decision needs to be taken about spending and buying. Being fashionable now does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money. It just means that you have to be a little smart and start looking for clothes that are not only stylish but budgeted also. The hard earned money cannot be just wasted on the high-priced branded clothes just to make a fashion statement. Even after wearing budgeted clothes, one can carry the look of being fashionable and glamorous. The number one rule of making a stylish statement is to be comfortable in the clothes and project yourself according to the clothes that you are wearing. To make sure that one does not go all crazy over the fashion thing and spend a lot of money, The 199 Store is here to help. It is an online shop that offers a large variety of products at cheap price. Fashion will now evolve but the cost to make a statement would just be Rs 199, with no strings attached. There is no need to cut yourself from the fashion race and feel bad about it. Making a statement, feeling beautiful and looking glamorous is all possible at just Rs199 because of the presence of an e-commerce website called The 199 Store. 

Before buying unnecessarily expensive clothes, think about it once. Are the clothes really worth it?  A penny saved is a penny earned. With this thought, it would be a great decision to not just maintain your fashionista image but lower the costs of maintenance as well. There is absolutely no need to go and spend a huge amount of money. Instead, that money could be used for various other useful things. Never go out of fashion due to price. Now that The 199 Store is available, keep the style game strong and bold. Stay all pepped up to keep changing your image, style and fashion time to time. It is high time now to express yourself not just by using words but by projecting and showcasing it through your appearance. Time has come to stay updated instead of outdated. What say? Are you ready to be your own fashion icon at just Rs.199?

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