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5 Entertaining Christmas Party Games to Play This Year

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There is so much to look forward to when it comes to Christmas. Whether it is beautiful Christmas trees or the excitement of Santa Claus, there is something or another that everyone loves. One of the things is getting together on Christmas Day and spending time with family. That is why we bring you 5 enjoyable Christmas party game ideas.

1. Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a popular game among many. All the participants write their name on a chit, which gets folded up and put into a bowl. Then, the participates randomly pick out a chit from the bowl. You will be required to buy a Christmas gift for whoever's name comes on your chit (without that person finding out, of course!). This is a game that can be played at work or even with your family.

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2. Ornament Guess

We have a great and easy way to kick-start your Christmas party. Simply have guests guess how many ornaments are on your tree when they walk in. The exact number will be disclosed at the end of the party. But, don't forget to have a prize ready for the winner!


3. Christmas "Photo Shoot"

Have a few Christmas theme props ready in an area of your house which has good lighting. Have your friends and family take goofy pictures with these props. Some easy prop ideas include printing out a Santa beard and attaching it to a stick to hold up. You can also buy some Santa hats.

4. Paint Your Own Santa Hat

Get a bucket load of Santa Hats and paint, and get your party started! This entertaining game can be played at both children and adult Christmas parties, and all age groups are bound to have fun. What do you think?

5. Two Truths and a Lie - Christmas Edition

In this game, participants tell two truths and one lie. The aim is to determine which statement is the lie. To give this game a Christmas touch, have a few topics ready for people to comment on. Some examples include:

  • The worst Christmas gift I received was...
  • The person I find the hardest to buy a Christmas gift online is...
  • The person I would never go on a holiday is...

Which one of these entertaining Christmas party games are you planning to play this year?

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