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Discount Shopping for Valentine's Day

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What month is it? February. Not just February. But this month is full of days and occasions wherein your loved ones expect lots of gifts and love from you. It is the month ruled by cupid. Not just Valentine’s Day is celebrated but several other days like Rose Day, and Teddy Day are also supposed to be taken care of. Even though lovers should be and actually they do express their feelings time to time, but sharing the feelings in this month and on the particular day of Valentine is very important.

Well, to all the lovers out there, do not take the stress. Along with the list of days, there is a surprise for you which can totally help you in making the Valentine’s Day a beautiful and memorable day for your loved one. Look around, and one will easily observe that nowadays people are full of love and happiness, but always short on money. The condition of people in terms of money is degrading slowly and gradually. There is a way in which your lover will be the happiest and all of your money would not even be gone. Yes, you will save the money and make your partner the happiest and luckiest person. It is necessary to find a way where the price of the products is not too much because let’s face it that there are so many days in this month to be celebrated. And any celebration is incomplete without the gifts. So, find out the way to make this February a fantastic one.

Days of Valentine's Week


There is the much-awaited valentine’s week for all the lovers and single people who are ready to mingle. A little trick to impress your loved one or partner is to always carry a gift along with yourself according to the day. To help you prepare better, here is the list of days:

    1. 7th February - Rose Day - It is on 7th It goes without saying that buying your partner a rose is what you need to do.
    2. 8th February - Propose Day - It comes after the rose day and requires you to propose your partner. Obviously, you would not want to propose and get rejected, so a little tip: carry a cute gift and then propose.
    3. 9th February - Chocolate Day - The third day is the chocolate day and you should not carry a 5 rupee chocolate. Instead, choose from our range of imported chocolates.
    4. 10th February - Teddy Day - Gift your partner a cute teddy which will remind them of your presence.
    5. 11th February - Promise Day - Make one promise to your partner and gift something accordingly. Make sure to keep your promise and fulfill it.
    6. 12th February - Hug Day - One tight hug to your partner which should be full of love and only love.
    7. 13th February - Kiss Day - One kiss and make sure that the bond between the two of you gets even stronger.
    8. 14th February - VALENTINE’S DAY - Then comes the big D-day, 14th of February, the day of lovers and just love.


Valentine's Day Gifts and Price


So many days and gifts, but not much money. Now, there is nothing to whine about as The 199 Store is here to make your days lovely. All the products available on this e-commerce website are just for Rs.199 each. Now, instead of buying gifts for alternate days, you can gift your loved ones for one whole week. Not only are the prices low, but the quality of the products is out of the world. There are a lot of variations which will catch your eye and attention. The best part is that even after having such feasible price for all the products, there are discounts and coupons available. The 199 Store is all set to make this Valentine the best Valentine for you. Whether it’s chocolate or teddy, a cute gift to propose or a beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day, The 199 Store has all of it priced under just Rs.199. Instead of celebrating in a cliché style, you should try something new. Surprise your valentine by taking them on a beautiful and romantic dinner and gift something that is useful and amazing. Surprises for your valentine will vary according to the type of couple you are. If you are adventurous, you both can go and do some sport related activity. If you are romantic, then the best idea would be to go on a movie date or romantic lunch or dinner. You can also plan a house date by decorating the house and the room with the help of cute and quirky stuff available at the store and impress your valentine. House dates are hands down the most romantic dates one can ever plan or think of. All you have to do is make the list and go online for Valentine shopping at this Rs 199 shop online and quickly buy. Start decorating the house and make the day memorable for both of you. 

Valentine’s Day is one day where the cupid itself gives all of us a chance to express what we feel and spread love all around. However cliché it sounds, but deep inside everyone wishes to celebrate this lovely day. Any sort of hindrance should not be allowed to disrupt the day. A lot of ideas must be in your mind regarding the day and you can get a lot of ideas by visiting the online store. Start planning now for a fabulous day and bright future ahead with your valentine. The 199 store is all ready to help you out and make 14th February the best day. Are you?

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