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The Beauty of Changing Seasons

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It is often said that time and change are two intertwined branches on this long road we call life. Time is but a constant canvas for change to portray the simplest of its tricks on, and change is a sign,  that time,  a lot of time, has passed.

We know time has passed when night turns to day and when mistakes become embarrassing memories. We know time has passed when the baby bird learns to fly away from the nest and take care of itself and when flocks return home after months of migration. We know time has passed when seasons change, from the cold winter to the warm spring. We know time has passed because we are dynamically constant observers in this whirlwind of changing seasons.

It happens every year and yet it's beauty seems too understated. For what is an annual spectacle, one would think it would be redundant, but the transition from winter to spring never ceases to be beautiful. Whether it's the shift of temperature from the uncomfortable cold to the lazy warmth, or the rebirth of nature from the bareness of the chill, the phenomenon of changing seasons is truly wonderful.

Maybe it's the slow fading of winter colours as the browns, blacks, burgundies, and purples of our lives wash themselves out to bring in the brightness of happier times. Maybe it's the disappearance of smog in our skies, bringing in a newfound clarity into our lives. Maybe it's the transition from making resolutions to realizing that we're happier just being ourselves. Or maybe it's the fact that the cold makes us crave for the warmth that is trapped in our hearts. Whatever it may be, the first ray of spring sun after the long nights of winter is an experience. It is a culmination of emotion, of happiness, gratitude, and serenity.


Spring makes us believe; it makes us believe that success will blossom in our lives like the cherry blossoms hanging on the walls and that our future will be as bright as the infinite skies of blue. Spring makes us believe that our dreams will eventually come true,  just as green grass eventually appears on the cold hard soil which winter leaves behind. It makes us believe that hope is real, and that faith will be our savior. Spring colours our life, with colours of flowers and trees, and with shades of optimism and a rejuvenated determination.

In a lot of ways, our heart transitions from winter to spring as well. We need to thaw the ice of fear and apprehension. to let success and originality bloom. Only when the cold spell of hatred and anger ends do the flowers of love and friendship bloom in our lives. Only when we let the grudges of yesterday and the negativity of the past melt away can we truly enjoy the warmth of tight hugs and intimate conversation. Winter to spring is a transition for us to make ourselves better people, people capable of more love and less remorse, more smiles and less criticism, more determination and less regret, more determination, and less apprehension. It is a time for our minds to learn more, our souls to share more, and above all, for our hearts to love more. While the skies turn from the dreary grays and eery darks to the bright blues and candy-like pink and cotton-ish purples, let your heart soar to prettier colours and your mind dream of happier times.

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