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Have you ever noticed a change in your behavior when you are comfortable in your clothes and confident about your outfit? It is a well-observed fact that when one is confident about their looks, their behavior conveys it. Automatically your head will be high and chin up. You will be standing straight instead of slouching. You know what helps you look even more beautiful and different from the rest of the crowd? Jewllery and Accessories embellish your look and make you feel even more poised about yourself. Accessories are something that never ever goes out of style or fashion. They are an evergreen trend and suits everybody. There is not even a single person who wouldn’t look good with accessories on.

A lot of people look for jewellery and accessories online. There is a lot of variety in jewelry and accessories that one can’t even imagine. It is hard to select or choose any designer jewelry online. Getting perplexed while shopping for accessories is common and happens to everyone. To help you decide the best and most trending accessory, The 199 Store is out for this job. It is an online store where all the latest artificial jewelry is available at just Rs.199. The designs and variations in jewelry are so unique and appealing that you would not want to go anywhere else to buy the accessory. The quality of the jewelry is unbeatable along with the price. Have a look at some of the best designs and accessories that The 199 Store has to offer:

1. Round Hollow Drop Earrings


At just 199 you can get a pair of absolutely royal and classy earrings which will go well with any of the outfits. The earrings can be worn at the occasion of any party like birthday or anniversary. The round earrings will go well with a particularly long flowing outfit like gowns.

2. Time Turner Necklace


From a casual outfit to a party wear dress, necklaces go well with any sort of outfit. They can give you the best casual look or a hot chick look. Time Turner necklace is in fashion for a long time and can go in coordination with any colors like blue, red or black.

3. Heart and Star Bracelet


A simple and metallic bracelet just add beauty to your hands. The bracelet can be worn with or without a watch. Available at just Rs.199, the bracelet is totally worth the price.

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Sometimes just wearing designer or branded clothes is not enough. You will always feel as if something is missing or incomplete. Accessories help you in completing the outfit and make you feel complete. Also, wearing real gold or silver is not feasible everywhere. It is best and advisable to wear artificial for normal gatherings or get together. Artificial jewelry is no less in giving you the required look for your party. Best designer artificial jewelry is found online and on sites like The 199 Store where along with price quality is also taken care of. Shopping online has its own perks and thus it is recommended by a huge number of people to shop online whether it’s for normal products or funky designer jewelry.

Dress for yourself and look glamorous by completing your outfit. Clothes along with matching accessories like bracelets or earrings will give you a perfect look and you will feel beautiful from inside. You will have an amazing day and you will be satisfied with your look. Check out such beautiful accessories at The 199 Store and buy some for the coming parties that you have to attend!

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