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24 Hours Free of Wifi

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eIt is common knowledge that man is thought to be shackled by the ties of his mobiles and laptops. The metaphors symbolizing humans as helpless robots in the hands of their gadgets are endless. The worst part of this whole situation is, that it is sadly true. It cannot be denied that technology has become an integral condition for life itself. All sorts of hell would break loose if the Internet crashed down unexpectedly. Yet, our addiction to our WiFi connection is slowly destroying our lives. Our lives have become more sedentary and restricted, and our thoughts more negative and limited. We claim that the Internet has broadened our horizons of knowledge and experience, and yet, it has also narrowed down our time and relationships. The Internet has created a paradox in our lives. While it has created wonders we never thought could exist, it has also isolated us in a way we never imagined was possible.

Maybe we need to stop bowing down to our phones. Maybe we need to stop accepting their tight control over our lives. Maybe we need to show some form of resistance to the trance of mobile phone addiction we have all helplessly succumbed to. While life possibly cannot go on if we isolate the institution of the Internet altogether, maybe we need to take a small break from it for at least one day in a month. Maybe we should gift ourselves 24 hours free of WiFi. We've compiled a list especially for you of all the things you could do on your day without the Internet.

1. Get some exercise in


Technology has done a great job convincing us not to exercise. All that time spent lazily browsing the Web, or typing away at the computer can lead to obesity, diabetes, cholesterol and other health problems. Take the opportunity of being free of WiFi to exercise and stay fit. You can do some yoga and meditate to calm yourself down and to sharpen your concentration, or you can hit it hard at the gym and burn all those calories you consumed at your friend's birthday party. If you feel confined within the walls of your house, take this opportunity to get outside and sweat it all out. Go on a hike to a new destination, or just run through your neighbourhood streets to get your adrenaline going.

Remember that time spent exercising is the time that is invested in making yourself a happier and healthier person.

2. Play a Board Game

Spend all the free time you have now that you can't use the Internet to play some of your favourite childhood board games. From Chinese Checkers and Ludo to Monopoly and Pictionary, board games were a huge part of almost everybody's childhood. Rediscover the joy of playing these games with your friends and family.

Try and finish that game of Monopoly you never got around to finishing. Try to draw every card in Pictionary. Try to keep the bricks intact until the very end of a game of Jenga.

Board games are one of the best ways to pass time. They also bring you closer to your family and friends and revive some of the best memories.

3. Pursue a Hobby

Do you never have the time to cook the perfect lasagna? Have you always wanted to read that book but never manage to read more than a few pages? Do you want to improve upon your singing?  Here is your chance!

Take all your time and use it to do something you truly love. Bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies, or sip on lemon tea and breeze through a romantic novel. Learn to play the guitar or figure out the intricacies of the Japanese script. Rediscover the dancer hiding somewhere inside of you and give your inner bathroom singer a skill grooming session.

Committing time to doing things which will make you happy give you a shot of energy to pursue all your goals with a renewed determination in the coming week.

4. Organise your space


Has your busy schedule left your room looking like a war zone? Do you have to hunt through large piles of clothes to find something to wear? Is your wallet full of bills and your bag full of shreds of paper and neglected trash? Take time out to clean your room, and to reorganize your closet. Try to keep your bills in order and empty your bag of all unnecessary waste. It is often said that organizing messy spaces releases stress and calms the nerves. Moreover, an organized, clean atmosphere encourages productivity and channels positive emotions.

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